Dill Pickles Recipe Obsessed with Dill

Dill pickles recipe, Iā€™m sort of obsessed with dill. Dill pickles, dill dip, in dressings and marinades, in any cream or yogurt-based salads like chicken, egg, or potato, etc; the list goes on. Here are some made with mini cucumbers in a homemade dill pickle brine.

Dill pickles recipe
Dill pickles recipe

Dill Pickles Recipe in the post!

šŸ„’ 6-7 oz mini seedless cucumbers, sliced
šŸ„’ 1/3 cup water
šŸ„’ 1 TB dried dill or 1/4 cup fresh with stems
šŸ„’ 2 TB vinegar (white distilled or apple cider variety)
šŸ„’ 2 Tsp sea salt
šŸ„’ 1 TB stevia or granulated sugar
šŸ„’ 1/4 tsp coriander
šŸ„’ 1/2 tsp dill seed
šŸ„’ 1/2 tsp coarse cracked pepper or red pepper flakes (optional)
šŸ„’ 1/2 tsp minced garlic

Fill a glass container/canning jar (12oz+) with cucumbers. Combine the other ingredients and cook in a small saucepan or microwave-safe dish until boiling and sugar are dissolved. Pour over cucumbers and seal with a lid. Allow coming to room temperature naturally. Transfer to the refrigerator and allow marination for 24-48 at least before eating. Enjoy!

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