Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe

Dark Chocolate Cake recipe w/Ganache Topping

Chocolate Cake Recipe Below ↙️

Chocolate Cake Recipe
Chocolate Cake Recipe

Makes: 1 dozen

These are a perfect hybrid cake + cookie. The ganache is a *must* for this recipe!

Bowl 1:
🐺1/2 C. vanilla skyr or Greek yogurt, 4% (I used Siggi’s 4% Touch of Honey)
🐺2 TB. coconut oil
🐺1/2 C. stevia powder
🐺1/2 C. brown sugar stevia blend (Truvia)
🐺1 egg
🐺1 tsp vanilla extract

Bowl 2:
🐺1 C. all-purpose flour
🐺1/2 C. white-wheat or wheat pastry flour
🐺1/2 tsp baking powder
🐺1/2 tsp sea salt
🐺1/2 C. dark chocolate chunks
🐺1/3 C. chopped cashews, set aside addt’l 2-3 TB for topping

Ganache Dip:
🐺1/3 C. dark chocolate chips
🐺1/4 C. milk, 2-4%
🐺Sea salt for sprinkling

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Preheat oven to 350. Prep baking sheet with parchment or neutral baking spray.

Use a mixer for Bowl 1. Cream together yogurt, sugars, coconut oil, egg, + vanilla. Should be lump-free.

In Bowl 2 whisk together flours, salt, + baking soda. Add to bowl 1; mix on med-low until blended and thick dough-like batter consistency. Careful not to overmix the batter. Should only take 30 -45 seconds to blend completely.

Fold in chocolate + cashews. Use an ice cream scoop or spoon to drop 12 even-sized cookies on the tray. Bake on middle rack 13-15 minutes until lightly golden and gently springs to touch like cake.

Cool on wire rack. Meanwhile, use a small bowl for the ganache. Add chips + milk. Microwave 30-45 seconds. Whisk until chocolate blends into a creamy consistency. If pieces remain, microwave an addt’l 15-20 seconds. Whisk again.

Dip the top of each cookie, doing a slight swirl motion to coat well. After the cookies are dipped, place cashew on top, + sprinkle very lightly with coarse sea salt. The ganache will be set when matte in finish.

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