Skillet Baked Mexican Lasagna Recipe

Skillet Baked Mexican Lasagna recipe

Mexican Lasagna Recipe Below ↙️

Mexican Lasagna Recipe
Mexican Lasagna Recipe

Serves: 4

Veggie Layers:
🐺1 large zucchini, thick slices; lengthwise; sprinkled with salt + sandwiched between paper towels to absorb water
🐺1 TB flour
🐺1 large red bell pepper, thick slices

Meat Layer:
🐺1 TB olive oil
🐺1/2 medium onion, diced
🐺1 lb. very lean ground beef or turkey
🐺1 packet taco seasoning

Bean Layer:
🐺1 C. black beans, canned
🐺1 tsp. chili powder
🐺1/2 tsp. garlic powder
🐺1/4 tsp sea salt

Cheese Filling:
🐺1 C. cottage cheese
🐺1/2 C. salsa
🐺1 egg

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Cheese Topping:
🐺1-1/2 C. shredded Mexican-style cheddar cheese; 2 %

🐺1/4 C. greek yogurt, plain
🐺1/2 tsp. cumin
🐺1 tsp. dried cilantro or 1 TB fresh

Prep zucchini that has been drying in paper towels by blotting to absorb addt’l liquid. Remove + sprinkle each side with w/flour. Shake off excess. Set aside. (Flour will help absorb extra liquids.)

Heat oil in a large cast-iron skillet (oven-proof). Preheat oven to 400.

Add peppers + cook for 2 mins. Remove from pan. Set aside.

Add onion to skillet + sauté 2 mins. Add meat, breaking up. Cook until browned. Drain any grease, if necessary. Add taco seasoning. (Ignore package directions about adding water.)

In a small bowl, stir together beans, chili, garlic, + salt. Set aside.

User processor, purée cottage cheese, salsa, + egg until smooth. Set aside.

Lightly spray skillet. Layer in this order, lightly pressing:

1/2 cottage cheese mixture
1/2 meat
Zucchini (break pieces to fit in)
1/2 cottage cheese mixture
1/2 meat
Shredded cheese

Bake 10 mins. Then cover loosely with foil and bake addt’l 20 mins. 30 total. Allow setting 10-15 mins before slicing.

Whisk together yogurt, cumin, salt, + cilantro. Drizzle over top. Serve + enjoy.

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